Benefits of Commercial Kitchen Services Contract


A running kitchen 24/7 is a challenging task to run. A commercial kitchen maintenance contract for your kitchen helps you control the costs and gives you a tension-free mind. In this blog, we will discuss about advantages and disadvantages of commercial kitchen services contracts and how they are helpful to your business.

What Does A Commercial Kitchen Services Contract Provide?

A commercial kitchen maintenance contract will be providing the planned service on your commercial kitchen equipment at set times over the year. This makes sure that everything is fine and under control and is fit for purpose, and gives a deep, clean impact to your kitchen.

This will help give you peace of mind that all of your commercial kitchen equipment is working to the best of its capabilities and is safe to use.

Why is a Commercial Kitchen Equipment Service Contract Important?

By using a driven approach to your commercial kitchen maintenance, you will make sure that you make use of its full life span as well as able to plan costs. Reacting to breakdowns and booking emergency repairs can lead to unplanned downtime for your business and larger costs for repairs.

There are three types of commercial kitchen which include the following:

  • Open-Kitchen
  • Gallery-Kitchen
  • Refrigeration Equipment Kitchen

We, as a commercial service provider, provide the following services:

Refrigeration Equipment: The first segment involves commercial refrigeration. Storing food at the perfect temperature is very important for the smooth operation of a kitchen and for keeping the commercial kitchen equipment running effectively.

It is also vital to make sure that the food is safe and the standards are being followed. At CCI, we aim to prevent any breakdowns before they happen by servicing equipment at regular intervals.

This involves cleaning the condenser and evaporator coils, which reduces the load on the compressor and, therefore, minimizes the chances of the commercial kitchen equipment failing.
Below is a rundown of our refrigeration repair services checklist which includes the following:

  • Clear out pilot assemblies
  • Check and clean out the burner venturi
  • Fine tune burner and pilot assemblies
  • Clean out burner jet

Gas Equipment: Gas safety integration is a vital part of running your kitchen service smoothly. The regular service contract includes an assessment of all the general aspects of your instruments, including gas jets, pilot assemblies and burner venturi’s.

With CCI, you will get a clean service in all the departments of service of these equipments to keep them in working condition and resolve any fault as early as possible.

Below mentioned is a rundown of our gas services checklist which includes the following:

  • Clear out pilot assemblies
  • Check and clean out the burner venturi
  • Fine tune burner and pilot assemblies
  • Clean out burner jet

What are The Benefits of a Commercial Kitchen Services?

By booking a slot for your kitchen equipment’s you will be extending its lifetime. An engineer will detect any torn parts before the machine breaks down. An engineer will resolve this issue while the kitchen equipment’s are still up and running.

Plan and Reduce Your Costs: If you require urgent assistance, seeking individual assistance may swing to be quite costly. In addition to the fixed estimate of the call-out, a per-half hour expense will apply. Nevertheless, if you opt for preventative measures, such as periodic maintenance appointments, you can cut down expenses significantly. It permits you to prepare a spending blueprint for a more extended time than figuring out unexpected costs intermittently.

Reduce Downtime: Your machine may not be repaired on the first visit if the engineer lacks the proper part. Consequently, the team may need to order the required parts from the maker, have them transported, fitted, repaired, resulting in a period of increased downtime, leaving your equipment out of operation for days. This process can be avoided if an engineer notices worn or broken parts during a scheduled maintenance appointment – fixing them before they create problems, thereby curtailing any unwanted breakdowns.

Secure Your Reputation: In the world of hospitality, your business is only as good as its reputation. To avoid the disappointment of unhappy customers due to missing menu items caused by equipment failure, it’s essential to conduct regular service checkups. A well-maintained catering equipment is your ticket to impressing your clientele and gaining an edge over your rivals.


So these are the benefits of a commercial kitchen maintenance and now with this blog and keep your kitchen intact.