About CCI Services

Leading Commercial Kitchen Installation, Maintenance and Ventilation Contractors in Greater London


We are a leading London based Kitchen Installation, Maintenance and Ventilation Contractor catering for the leisure industry from hotels, to restaurants, pub chains, fast food chains and boutique businesses.

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We strive to a higher level of customer service and as the majority of our customers are open 24/7, so are we!

We act, we deliver.

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From our humble beginnings as a company, we identified that within our market generally, contractors charge 'what they want, when they want and how they want'.

Identifying an opportunity to bring a more transparent and customer focused solution, we have grown sensibly and organically as a company to ensure that past, present and future SLAs (service level agreements) are met and even exceeded.

Our philosophy is never take on more business than you can handle but look after your existing customers and always, always, always deliver.

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Leading the team dynamic team is Chris Kay a well-established specialist within his field and recognised amongst his customers for offering a transparent service, from customer service to pricing to repair commitments, Chris ensures that the priority built within the company is customer first...always.

Working alongside Chris, is Karl Lacey, Business Manager who works closely with clients to work towards SLAs, Business Opportunities, Development and Additional Solutions. Karl has been associated with brands such as Swiss Re (The Gherkin), Asda Walmart and Formula One Management.