Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance, Service, Repair

Refrigeration equipment is crucial for various types of businesses. Commercial refrigeration systems can be huge and complex, require proper maintenance and installation to keep them functioning in a proper way.

At CCI, we believe that no job is small or big. At CCI, we offer the following services: 

  • Commercial Refrigeration
  • Commercial Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  • Commercial Dishwasher
  • Catering Ovens
  • Commercial Gas Equipment
  • Commercial Kitchen Repair London

After all, a commercial refrigerator and freezer are mission critical instruments which can easily cost you a heft amount of money when the commercial refrigerators repair comes into play. Even when functioning properly, the refrigeration units can consume too much energy which not only cost you your wallet money but also cost you the whole universal amount. Taking preventive measures will save you from these hefty amounts and will also help you to be a good part of the environment.

In this blog we shall discuss everything about commercial refrigeration right from its refrigeration repair, till its maintenance and till it service and repair. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Benefits of Servicing Your Commerical Refrigeration

  • Catching Issues Easily: By letting your fridge maintain on a regular basis, you will have an escapism before your fridge catches any issue and causes you more costs.
  • Saving Money in The Long Run: Commercial Refrigeration Repairs are expensive but having a regular service and maintenance of your refrigerator can avoid you with the hefty costs.
  • Checking Up With Food Safety Standards: If you store food items in your commercial refrigerator then you need to ensure that it is in fully agreement with the food safety regulations.

What are The Risks of A Poorly Maintained Refrigerator?

The potential risk of a poorly maintained refrigerator includes the following:

  • Serving Food that is Unstable: If food is not kept at a safe temperature then bacteria can grow over it leading to people get sick if they consume the food item.
  • Found To Have Poor Food Hygeine Standards: An environmental health officer shall check the food storage as a part of their commercial kitchen checks and ratings.
  • Poorly Maintained Refrigerator Will Lead To Short Lifespan of the Equipment: Regular refrigerator repair shall keep the refrigerator intact and make it function properly leading to a longer shelf life of the refrigerator.

How Often Do You Need Refrigerator Repair Commercial?

There should be some consideration on the usage. If you are getting a commercial chiller service and you shall only use the chiller for cooling sealed drinks that is safe to drink at any temperature, the service may be less pressing.

If you are storing fresh food in your commercial refrigerator, you should be maintaining higher standards. At CCI we recommend that you should get your commercial refrigerator checked every six-months to ensure that the refrigerator is in good condition.

How Can You Maintain a Commercial Refrigerator?

Maintaining a commercial refrigerator includes the following:

  • Clean and Check The Door Seal: Check the doors for dirt and clean them as necessary.
  • Remember to Throw Away Food Which is Past its Use By Date: This helps to keep your refrigerator clean and prevents you from serving out-of-date food.
  • Make Sure That the Temperature is Set Correctly: The temperature should be between 0 and  + five degrees Celsis for commercial fridge storing fresh food.

Commercial Refrigeration Repair

No matter how well maintained your equipment is, they will breakdown at some point of time. 

We have got you covered with the repairs for the following:

  • Ice machines
  • Reach-in coolers and freezers
  • Walk-in coolers and freezers
  • All commercial coolers and refrigeration products in Uk, London

Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance 

To avoid hefty cost we recommend you to frequently maintain your refrigeration on monthly basis. By monitoring on the diagnostic of your system and updating as per your need, and you can avoid hefty costs down the line.

With refrigeration systems playing such an important role in day to day operation, it is easy to overlook until and unless something breakdown all of a sudden. Refrigeration equipment is vital to keep your commercial refrigeration and business running smoothly.


When it comes to managing a business, there is a multitude of tasks that require your attention. From overseeing operations and handling finances to maintaining quality standards, the list can be overwhelming. Nevertheless, the backbone of a thriving food and beverage business lies in the proper functioning of its refrigeration systems. Unfortunately, many companies tend to underestimate their significance, leading to major complications and substantial repair costs.