Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance, Service, Repair

Providing Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance, Service, Repair & Installation In London

A commercial fridge offers businesses the ability to store and display food and drinks at recommended chilled temperatures. This ensures food and drink maintains its best quality, whilst helping to comply with UK food safety laws.

With a wide range of refrigeration appliances and solutions available, catering companies, restaurants, bars, shops and more can choose the best commercial refrigerator for their business. With everything from refrigerated display cabinets to professional insulated storage cabinets, these fridges offer the ideal temperature for storing and displaying cold foods and beverages.

Whether you’re looking to increase the organization of ingredients on your prep counters, merchandising products to boost impulse sales or keeping chilled food and drinks within easy reach for customers to serve themselves, there’s an undercounter refrigerator for every application. These refrigerators come in a range of sizes, designs and finishes to suit every type of business.

Refrigerated cabinets with one or two solid doors, larder and chest type models that store food and drink are known as professional refrigerated storage cabinets (PRSCs). These appliances can keep chilled or frozen foods at between -1degC and 5degC and provide great cost and energy savings.

For more specialist requirements, refrigeration systems such as blast chillers are designed to lower the temperature of hot or warm food quickly and efficiently. Cellar cooling systems are ideal for storing wine and beer at the perfect humidity level. Medical and scientific fridges are designed to keep vaccines, samples and more at precision temperatures. These are typically a larger size to provide sufficient space for your products. For ice machines that produce fresh, hygienic ice throughout the day, look no further than our range of commercial ice makers.