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If you are purchasing a commercial kitchen equipment, its maintenance is inevitable but it is a kind of secured investment. With commercial kitchen maintenance and care, you can increase the lifespan of your kitchen equipment for years.

In this blog we will be looking into the commercial kitchen services and how can you increase the lifespan of your commercial kitchen equipments. So, if you are exploring about the decisions to replace your kitchen equipment read along.

The Significance of Commercial Kitchen Services

Your commercial kitchen equipment deserves a mind blowing service. So, as a business owner you rely on your cvommerical ovens, fridges and other appliances each day for a living and to deliver excellent service to the customers.

As a commercial kitchen owner, you know that food security and your brand’s reputation both depends upon on the excellence of your kitchen equipments. For example, ice machines need cleaning at regular intervals. Any appliance which deals with water in any form which would develop mold and bacteria. Routine and professional cleaning eradicates this potential calamity.

Some Questions To Consider:

  • Does The Warranty Covers The Repair Costs?: Cost is the most vital factor while managing your commercial kitchen equipment. Most of the manufacturers offer warranty plans for their newly ordered appliances which can cover various repairs which might vary based upon the manufacturer, model and what is usual and typical for the industry. Generally, cooking and ware washing equipment comes with 1-year parts warranty, ice machines comes with a 3 year warranty with reach oin coolers and prep tables, and freezers comes with a warranty of 1-3 years and compressor comes with a warranty of 5 years lifespan.
  • Looking Forward to Upgrade Your Equipments?: Manufacturers are designing new and better products for restaurants and for commercial kitchens. Energy-efficient equipments and compact designs offers an opportunity to upgrade the equipment for your staff while improving monthly energy costs.
  • How Longer is the Equipment Expect To Last?: In case you notice a downslide in performance or you need to repair equipment more regularly, it often showcase that your equipment should be replaced.

Basic Lifespan For A Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Below mentioned lifespan estimation to consider for various commercial kitchen equipments:

  • Ovens and Ranges: Electric ranges and ovens can remain intact for around 15 years, while the gas stovetop can last upto 18 or 20 years, depending on the brand, using frequency and maintenance and how much repair is done on the equipment.
  • Walk-in Coolers: When a walk-in cooler is well-maintained, it will last upto 15 years or more than that as well. Regular maintenance and flushing lines can be lengthen for its useful life and improve its daily performance.
  • Deep Fryers: When it is properly maintained, a deep fryer shall lasts upto 20 years. If you get any repairs done immediately, then the fryer’s lifespan will be extended.

Tips To Repair Your Commercial Kitchen Equipments 

Below mentioned tips are a must to consider:

  • Choose a Trusted Repair Brand: The best possible way to make sure a successful repair is to find a trusted brand with proven technicians who can fix the issue in a snap.
  • Find Parts Provider That Offers A Wide Variety of Options: In various cases, finding replacement parts is a painstaking process. With CCI, we have next day availability of parts which are ordered and of the parts which are discontinued.
  • Provides as Much Information as Possible to Your Technician: To accurately repair a problem and prevent breakdowns, it can be helpful to share the history of your equipment. Providing as much as information to your technician is prepared to work quickly and efficiently to resolve the issue.

Types of Services We Provide

  • Commercial Refrigeration
  • Commercial Ventillation And Air Conditioning
  • Commercial Dishwashers
  • Catering Ovens
  • Commercial Gas Equipment
  • Commercial Kitchen Repair London


The commercial kitchen maintenance is an integral part of the commercial kitchen and is well-suited for its equipments. It is advisable for every restaurants to do regular maintenance of their equipments.